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The Correct Use Of Power Tools

The Correct Use Of Power Tools

Update Time:2020/6/16
Correct Use Of Power Tools Can Greatly Reduce The Failure And Prolong The Service Life Of Power Tools.
1. When The Rotation Speed Reaches The Highest Possible Level, The Motor Must Be Turned To The Highest Speed Before Use To Perform Sawing, Drilling, Etc. Otherwise, It Is Easy To Damage The Motor. The Motor Should Be Used As Far As Possible To Reach The Maximum Rotation Speed, Which Can Be Avoided. Overload,

2. The Work Head Is Installed In Place, Normal, And Keeps Sharp, The Blunt Work Head Will Increase The Output Of The Motor Power And Must Be Ground Or Replaced, Which Can Greatly Reduce The Power Tool Output And Reduce The Failure Rate

3. Intermittent Work, Do Not Let The Motor Overheat, Series Motor Tool Is An Intermittent Mode Of Operation, According To The Motor's Heat, Timely Adjustment Of The Length Of Time Or Work Size, Can Greatly Reduce The Power Tool Failure Rate, Mainly Hammer, Electric Cookers Are Best For Intermittent Work

4. Appropriate Feed Rate, According To The Heating Condition Of The Power Tool, Adjust The Feed Amount Of The Head Appropriately, Which Can Reduce The Output Power Of The Power Tool And Greatly Reduce The Failure Rate Of The Power Tool.

5 Maintenance In Place, Gear Boxes, Bearings And Other Regular Inspection, Add Grease, Regular Inspection Replacement Brush, Maintenance In Place, Can Reduce Unnecessary Wear And Tear, Both To Reduce The Tool Failure Rate, But Also Extend The Life Of Electric Tools

6. Ensure That The Voltage Is Normal, Most Of The Power Tools Are Used, The Extension Line Of The Power Supply Is Too Long, The Cross-Sectional Area Of The Wire Is Too Small, The Working Voltage Of The Power Tool Is Low, The Output Power Of The Power Tool Is Decreased, And The Work Load Of The Electric Tool Is Again Unabated, Often Resulting In Overload Of The Power Tool, Or Human Error Connected To The Two Phase Lines To Make The Working Voltage Reach 380V, These Will Lead To Premature Or Instantaneous Damage To The Power Tool,

7. Satisfy The Conditions Of Use, The Engineering Rig With Water Seals, When You Wear It, You Must First Supply Water And Then Turn On The Power Switch. Otherwise, The Water Seal May Be Worn Out. When The Engineering Rig Is Drilling, You Must Also Keep A Good Grasp Of The Size Of The Water. ,

8. Keep Idling For A Few Minutes Before Stopping Work, Keep Idle For A Few Minutes Before Stopping Work, Let The Motor Blow Dust Inside Clean At High Speed, And Also Check If The Power Tool Is Faulty

9. When There Is A Fire At The Brush Or When The Clock Does Not Turn When Running, Check It And Repair It.

10. Before Use, Be Sure To Leave It Empty For A Few Minutes And Listen To The Sound Of The Running Sound. It Must Be Repaired Immediately.
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